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To be the best single-stop, hassle-free and cost-effective source for Industrial Packaging & Warehousing Solutions.


To provide consistent desired results through our comprehensive and integrated processes and to build an ecosystem that fuels growth, innovation, and cost-effectiveness.


VALUES are based on:

  • Collaboration - with our clients, vendors and ourselves

  • Listening - to our clients and vendors

  • Innovation - inventing, discovering and sharing the newest and best latest practices

  • Timeliness - in delivery and through practical solutions

  • Precision - in what we provide and how we provide it


  • To develop a knowledge-based culture which delivers cost effective value-added solutions to our clients.





We are Mumbai based, Classic Products Private Limited (CPPL) offering a diverse portfolio of cost-effective supply chain solutions across 39 different locations. Most of our Clients are leaders in their respective field spread across the length and breadth of our country.  We found a gap between the three most important aspects of packaging. “The Material, the Methods and the Management of Skilled Labour.”


As a solution to narrow this gap, Classic Products became a one-stop hassle free solution to multiple Industrial Packaging Problems. A large Corporate in Steel recognised our insights and awarded us our first contract. And thus our journey began…


Over the years, we have carefully curated our services and gained expertise in the areas of packaging, warehousing, logistics and value added services. Apart from being specialised in Steel, Glass and Refractory Bricks, our current services also include offering integrated solutions to multiple industries.


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  • We deliver value driven packaging solutions that meets even the most stringent requirements for industrial / pharma goods. 

  • Moisture, mishandling, transit damage, corrosion etc. can all negatively impact your deliveries and harm your reputation. 

  • We make it certain that your products arrive at their destination in the original condition. 

  • Our team of experts can find inventive approaches to reduce cost and optimize performance of your packaging needs. Most often resulting in lowering cost.

  • You may certainly consider us as your partner for protection of your industrial products during handling, storage and transportation.

20:20 MODEL

20%+ Protection, Storage, Convenience, Environment & Branding



  • ​​​​Replacement for Galvanised Top Cover in Coil Packing

  • Automatic Slit Coil Packing Line

  • Cradle Roller in Coil Packaging 

  • Reusable Metal Pallets



Occupational Safety

  • Our approach to occupational health and safety is based on effective preventive and protective measures, implemented both collectively and individually, aimed at minimising the risk of injury in the workplace

  • Our endeavour is to ensure optimal working conditions, applying principles of industrial hygiene and ergonomics to managing processes at organisational and operational level 

  • This proactive approach is intended to promote common, ethical occupational health and safety principles and enables to achieve targets using various tools, such as training and awareness advisories


Employee Engagement 

  • We consider our people an essential resource. When operating in dynamic and highly competitive environment we believe success is achieved first and foremost through the talent and passion of skilled individuals 

  • Indeed, we strongly believe that business growth is made possible through personal growth, which is why we invest in the development of our people

  • We adopt a responsible approach to the management of its entire supply chain, establishing relationships that go beyond commercial transactions and fostering long-lasting and mutually satisfying collaborations

  • Contractor Safety Management

    • 4-Star Rating by TATA Steel


Committed to a better Future & Sustainability Priorities.

Carbon Footprint ​​​​​

  • We are actively engaged in reducing CO2 emissions associated with our processes and logistics. This approach is fundamental for the continuous improvement of our performance and the protection of the environment in which we operate. 

  • We encourage systems and processes for reducing energy consumption and limiting the use of fossil fuels, favouring electricity from renewable sources.

Organic Vegetable Farm
Dump Site

Life Cycle Thinking​​​​​

  • We recognise the real importance of promoting a circular product life cycle in which resources are used fully and for as long as possible, and products and materials are recovered and regenerated at the end of their service life. 

  • In our processes, emphasis is given to improvements that increase waste recovery and reuse.

Respectful Defence Support​​

  • Our aim is to assist the Defence Community by providing occupation and guidance to meet new challenges they may face once they start facing civilian life. We interact with compassion, understanding, commitment and respect. Quite often few Defence Personnel do find it difficult to transition to civilian life. Finding a new job, dealing with mental and physical injuries or worrying about finances can lead to significant stress and trauma. Our aim is to support them and their families at this intersection and assist them to get through such stress. These services are part of our Defence Care support. We try to help Defence Staff and their Family Members. We have imbibed a culture of professional and personal growth, respect and loyalty for our “National Heroes”. 

Photo by Alok Uniyal from Pexels

Classic Care Foundation​​

  • An initiative to aid workers whose livelihood has been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic

Find out more: Classic Care Foundation


CPPL has a extensive India footprint with 39+ locations across the country.

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