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We deliver value driven packaging solutions that meets even the most stringent requirements for industrial goods. You may certainly consider us as your partner for protection of your industrial commodities during handling, storage and transportation.

Moisture, mishandling, transit damage, corrosion etc. can all negatively impact your deliveries and harm your reputation. We make it certain that your products arrive at their destination in the original condition. Our team of experts can find inventive approaches to reduce cost and optimise  performance of your packaging needs. Most often resulting in lowering cost

36 Lac MT
Steel moved last year

7 Lac MT
Glass moved last year

0.25 Lac MT
Bricks moved last year

47.2 Lac MT
Warehousing last year


  • ​​On-Site & Single-Stop Industrial Packaging Services

  • Industrial Steel Packaging 

  • Float Glass Packaging

  • Refractory Bricks Packaging

  • Customised Industrial Packaging 

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We provide various methods of labelling and tagging products to expedite the picking process, RFID tagging which lowers operating costs and increases the speed and accuracy that help us achieve a lower truck Turn Around Time (TAT). 


Our professionals offer management to work on well-defined parameters like mobile barcode scanning, product tracking. We are equipped with top-class material handling equipment competently handled by well-trained professionals across all levels. This also helps to speed up cycle time and reduce both packaging and distribution cost. 


We carry out a full review of your requirements and then design and deliver the optimum warehouse solution for your business

Need Help to Optimise Your Supply Chain ?
warehouse management


Yard management helps in directing inbound and outbound vehicles and trucks, personnel, shipments, pallets and everything moving in the yard to your loading bays. 


We unitise the packed material and track it through a system that accurately showcases the location of the unitised finished goods in the warehouse. This not only helps in increasing our efficiency but also significantly reduces the time taken to load a vehicle. (TAT) 


Transportation and logistics assets we use are – trucks, trailers, containers, pallets & racks. These needs to be positioned and available to meet the daily operational needs of depots, distribution centres & yards.

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Wagon Lashing


​We specialise in loading, lashing, choking, and locking of containers while taking care of all consumables used in the process.

We also use fit-for-purpose packaging and appropriate load securing. We specialise in maximising usage of container space, thus resulting in great savings in the shipping cost. 

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We boast of a road-based logistics support that extends Pan-India through a dedicated fleet of trucks governed by our vast network of vendor partners. Apart from this, we also offer real-time tracking and other location-based services to our clients.

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Today, approximately 90% of non-bulk cargo worldwide moves by containers stacked on transport ships. Shipping heavy machinery, equipment, and vehicles can be difficult, especially if your cargo has to reach an overseas destination. Since the containers have standardised dimensions, the handling system is completely mechanised so that all handling is done with cranes and special forklift trucks. 


It is a well-known fact that Containerisation greatly reduced the expense of international trade and meet the challenging timelines. 


A wrong distribution of weight, faulty securing of the load or an overloading of the container can not only lead to a damaging the cargo but also further endangers the stability of the carrier itself. 


Over the years we have been able to develop methods and processes to meet such stringent needs for the Containerisation process.  And over the years we have developed handling system that is not mechanised but also meets stringent requirements. 


We specialize in loading, lashing, choking, and locking of containers while taking care of all consumables used in the process. We also use fit-for-purpose packaging, appropriate load securing, and correct humidity management. We specialize in maximizing usage of container space, thus resulting in great savings in the shipping cost.

Maersk Container stuffing is our specialty.

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additinal services


  • ​​Weighment Tracking Services 

  • Unloading (Raw Material)

  • Despatch Service

  • Machines, Tools & Tackles etc.

  • Automation of the existing Packaging, Warehouse and Yard Management System 

  • Automatic and Semi-automatic Packaging Lines

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Client Services & Care


Developing our own intellectual property to effectively service our Clients’ need is imperative for our own growth.

Delivering through Aligned Strategic Thinking

  • We firmly believe in long-term Client relationships to increase performance through progressive creativity, relevant innovation, consistent delivery and of course, those ever-important economies of scale.

  • We do strive to anticipate the ever-evolving Clients’ businesses. Having an entrepreneurial view is essential as this allows us to understand how and where it can add value to deliver aligned with Clients’ objectives.

Adopting innovative service for effective solutions

  • We do relentlessly invest in terms of time, energy and other resources to offer effective solutions to build Client confidence.

  • We support our customers to solve their problems by using a unique service to solution approach.

  • 100+  Experts running Performance Progression

  • 10% - 20% Cost Reduction

  • 10% - 20% Customer Satisfaction Improvement

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